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--Several of these Originals are currently available.--

One can see the desert landscape through the worker,The Hummer.
She is a graceful creature that jump starts the whole evolution.
The painting is done on a masonite board and has a custom wooden frame.
The dimension is 35"x48" without the frame.

It was completed in August 2006.

IT IS Available.

The Christmas tepee prayer service is being conducted.
There are chanters gathered for the holy winter night.
One can see the shadows of the people sitting inside the tepee.
This is one, of the tepee series I have done.

IT IS Available.

It's a mix media painting, like my miniatures. There are watercolor,
gouache, acrylic, and an egg tempera. The mix media paintings appear
like enamel on paper. The size is 22"x28" with painted matt.
It has a barn wood frame. This painting is call Sacred Trees
It was completed in November 2006.