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Recent Works


Totsohnii Girl
The Totsohnii Girl is riding her seahorse in the valley of Monument Valley, Navajoland.
Up above are two sharks circling around in the illuminating sunlight.
The rider is holding her spear in her right hand. She might be hunting the two sharks
or she might be hiding from the two man eaters. The seahorse looks a lot like a dragon.
I dedicate this painting to the Totsohnii people. Totsohnii's are one of the Navajo clans.
The Totsohnii people believe that they are coming from the water. They are the people
of the ocean and believe the origin of life started from a body of water. The painting
is done on a masonite board and the dimension is 38"x56". It was completed
in 2003. It has a 4 inch woooden frame. There is a lot of work in this particular painting.

Prayer Feather
The Road-man is standing with his Prayer Feather as he is praying into the early blue dawn.
The landscape in the background is Navajo Nation. It's located in the Southwestern region of the
States. The oil painting is 24"x 30". It doesn't need a frame because the canvas is wrapped around
the edges of the painting. It's 2.5 inches deep. The painting has only tones of blue and orange colors.
The rest of the painting is black and white.

It was completed in 2006 and IS SOLD.
The Howling
This is an oil painting on paper. It's dimension is 32.5"x 38.5" with it's custom steel frame.
The shape-shifter changes into a bear or dog-like creature. There are four changing phases.
The light blue moon is swirling in the background. Completed in August 2001. In the past,
I have done several paintings of shape-shifters. One of them won the Best of Painting division
at the Navajo Show, Museum of Northern Arizona in 1994, and was also published in the
November '94 issue of Arizona Highways. My shape-shifter paintings usually show a man
turning into an animal. The traditional people are scared of it because of its' bad medicine.
If one deals with it, it will curse the individual. I wrote a short paper when I was at Northern Arizona
University, about how the shape-shifters exist in our everyday lives. From that school project,
I started painting the shape-shifters. I view it as a positive energy instead of evil and negative energy.
Lastly, I believe the power is still out there.

Star Man
This oil painting is done on stretched canvas. It's a wrapped around painting and 2.5 inches deep.
This is my first black and white oil painting. The Native Kachina Warrior is howling into the rising moon/sun.
There are stars in the sky (plus + looking designs) The Kachina (Native Diety) has a corn stalk painted
on his fore-head. It represent our continuing every day life. The painting is done in black and white.
It's glazed, and looks very old.

It was completed in 2006 and IS SOLD.

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